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Welcome back to Keepin' it Reel! This week, we are sadly Jimless, as he was busy gathering details on all of the notable movies coming up this year at CinemaCon. Chris Carle and Roth Cornet endeavor to bring you this week's biggest - and there is a lot! - movie news.

First, we do a comparison between this week's trailers - Star Wars, Fantastic Four, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Jurassic World, and Tomorrowland - and vote on our favorite.

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We then move on to a discussion of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens news - including details from our interview with star Oscar Isaac - as well as Star Wars Anthology: Rouge One. From there, we dive into new X-Men: Apocalypse news - Gambit may not show up, and Apocalypse himself on gathering the Horsemen and how they are approaching the look of the villain.

We then jump into the challenges of a standalone Hulk movie and how we believe Marvel still may incorporate some of the elements of Planet Hulk. Finally, we talk about Joss Whedon leaving the MCU and touch on some of the other significant movie news of the week.

We didn't do box-office predictions on this one, but Furious 7 is likely to fourpeat!

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