The IGN Movies Show
Tron: Legacy, Iron Man 3, Batman 3, and awards buzz.
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Transformers 3, Thor, The Hobbit, The Flash and Spidey.
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Dark Knight Rises, Uncharted, Deathly Hallows, and Pirates sequels.
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Hulk, Harry Potter, Green Lantern, Cowboys & Aliens and more.
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Batman 3, Uncharted, War Machine, Tron 2, Skyline and more.
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Spidey, 007, Conan, Silent Hill 2, Megamind and more.
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Batman 3, Cap, The Hobbit, Avatar 2, Saw 3D and more!
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Batman 3, Spidey, Hobbit. Wolvie 2, Jackass 3D, Bourne 4 and more!
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Light news week: Halo, Superman, Spidey, Wolverine 2, Transformers 3.
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Guillermo del Toro joins us for this milestone edition of the Movies podcast!
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